Note Reading and Other Theory

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Create Your Own Theory Practice Exercises
Online Music Flash Cards: Note reading, key signatures, intervals, triads, notes on the piano and the guitar

Rhythm Resources

Rhythm Sight Reading

emusic theory: Practice Sight Reading Rhythms

Rhythm Dictation

emusic theory: Practice Resource

Listening and Identification


Musical Intervals Tutor: Start Learning Intervals
Musical Mind: Interval Drills
Big Ears: Interval Drills

Tricks for Singing Intervals
More Tricks for Singing Intervals

(Musical Mind: Melodic Dictation Practice)


ThinkQuest site

Chords and Common Chord Progressions

emusic theory: Practice Building Chords

Sight Singing

Learn to Sightsing
Musical Mind Solfege Practice

Sightsinging Choir Treble